New Basic Operating Skills Test for Pedestrian and Rider Pallet Trucks

The Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport (ABA) is very pleased to release the Basic Operating Skills Test for Pedestrian and Rider Pallet Trucks (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7)


It is not mandatory to implement the new test immediately, however the new test will need to be in use by training organisations from 1st December 2019. Any tests held on or after this date that do not use the new format will be invalid.


The ABA worked with a range of stakeholders, and gained valuable from the ABA summit last year, which included training organisations, trade associations, unions, lift truck manufacturers and the HSE, to produce a test which more closely reflects the modern working environment and the needs of employers and industry at large.


We would strongly encourage everyone to read the new test in detail to ensure they are aware of all of the changes.


Please download the standards here: ABA BOST A Category V1.3 .0819 (no questions)


(Please note these standards have the questions removed, if you wish to have the full version, please contact your accrediting body.


Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback on the new test. At the next ABA summit in October will will be progressing with standardising the testing for ABA categories E, F, C, and J.

5 thoughts on “New Basic Operating Skills Test for Pedestrian and Rider Pallet Trucks

  1. Hi – does this mean a change in the question bank? A few examples of irrelevant questions in these groupings as per below.

    “When driving an unladen truck how should the fork arms be set?” The answer includes tilted back which is not applicable for these trucks.

    “How must the fork arms be positioned when handling a metal stillage?” Fork arms cannot be adjusted on these groupings.

    “Why do you stop the truck as close as practicable from the stack before raising the fork arms?” These groupings do not stack and I feel therefore not relevant.


  2. Hello all, should the revised theory test (multiple choice questions,) have a choice of 3 or 4 possible answers, i.e. ABC or ABCD, thanks


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