The Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport (ABA) held its Annual Summit on Wednesday 20th October 2021. This year’s Summit saw the ABA welcoming its newly appointed chairperson (Jason Dickson of NPORS), reviewing industry objectives, introducing its newest member, launching a new and improved website, releasing new testing standards, and proposing equipment category changes.

Dispelling the myths

During the webinar, Jason dispelled some ABA myths:

  • Members of the ABA give their time and expertise voluntarily, with no funding or financial assistance. All events and development cost for standards, are equally shared amongst the current members.
  • All ABA members remain independent organisations, helping to keep materials handling equipment (MHE) operators safe. Each member decides how to implement the ABA standards within their own organisation.
  • Jason also confirmed that the ABA set testing standards and categorise workplace transport.

During the Summit, the ABA were interested to get feedback and input from attendees through a series of polls. The first poll asked:

What do you think the overall view of accredited training is?

  • Most people see it as a good thing – 61%
  • Most people see it as something that isn’t needed – 0%
  • Most people don’t know/understand accredited training – 39%

The ABA were really pleased to see that 61% of attendees felt that accredited training is seen as a good thing but this definitely identified an area of work for the ABA with a shocking 39% of attendees stating that most people don’t know about/understand accredited training.

Introducing Lantra – ABA’s newest member

Lantra’s National Account Manager Alec Hands spoke during the summit to announce Lantra’s newly-confirmed membership of the ABA . Lantra are a leading awarding body for land-based industries. They exist to develop training and qualifications in a wide range of areas, from forestry and horticulture, to agriculture and landscape. Lantra have joined the ABA to ensure consistent standards between the logistics and agriculture industries.

ABA launches its new website

Jordan Dalziel, Marketing and Communications Manager of RTITB also joined the panel to discuss the newly launched ABA website. The new website has been designed to enable visitors to obtain important information in just a couple of clicks.

F1 & F2 test standards

Martin Webber, Training Standards Advisor of ITSSAR then joined the webinar to announce the impending release of the F1 and F2 (Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) trucks) operator testing standards. Martin confirmed that the standards have been written in line with other testing standards already produced by the ABA, including a wide variety of questions that can be used by the instructor/examiner when preparing question papers, aimed at being more relevant to typical VNA operations .

Martin confirmed the release date for the new standards of 1st November 2021, with a mandatory use date of 1st March 2022 for all organisations accredited by ABA members.

Attendees were then invited to provide their feedback on the next standard to develop:

Which testing standard should the ABA develop next?

  • J category – 22%
  • P category – 17%
  • MEWP category –39%
  • Other – 22%

New ABA category proposals

Adam Smith, Managing Director of AITT continued and discussed the proposals for updating the  ABA Workplace Transport  categories, which included changes to:

  • A2
  • A5, A6
  • B2, B3
  • C2, C3
  • D1, D2
  • E0
  • H1, H2, H3, H4
  • M1, M2, M3
  • Z3, Z4

The summit delegates were then asked to share their views on the proposed changes:

Do you agree with the changes to the A & E categories?

  • Yes – 68%
  • No – 5%
  • Not sure – 27%

Do you agree with the changes to the rated capacity and heights in the B, D and C categories?

  • Yes – 75%
  • No – 14%
  • Not sure – 11%

Do you think A3 and A7 should be moved to the B and D categories?

  • Yes – 50%
  • No – 19%
  • Not sure – 31%

To catch up on the full Annual Summit webinar and the questions asked, click here.